The Mission of GPS


The Mission of GPS

Program Mission: The Gateway Program Seminar (GPS) is an academic program designed to help students successfully adjust to university life. GPS serves as the foundation for the Compass Curriculum, the campus-wide general education program at UCCS.  Through GPS, students are exposed to an interdisciplinary curriculum taught by experienced faculty who will engage students in experiential learning that is designed to foster a greater sense of academic skills and resources for success, establish meaningful academic and professional connections, and develop a better sense of belonging and community.

Program Goals: GPS is designed as an immersive co-curricular experience that will help students better transition to college, adjust gradually to the demands and rigors of university life, and persist to graduation. The goal of the program is to help students better understand the following:

  • Personal: what does being a college student mean to you?
  • Academic skills: what academic skills are required for college success?
  • Academic topic: what information is needed to foster critical thinking about the selected topics, disciplines, and discourse communities?
  • Community: what can the campus offer you?

Program Expectations: All GPS courses, regardless of theme or topic, use a shared first-year experience curriculum designed with high-impact practices for student engagement. All students enrolled in a GPS course, regardless of theme or topic, will have the following requirements:

  • One (1) final capstone project, written or oral. These projects can be assigned as individual or group projects.
  • One (1) curricular or co-curricular experience that explores civic discourse, ethics, leadership, and/or volunteerism. Referred to as Service Learning Project. 
  • One (1) curricular or co-curricular opportunity for collaboration with Academic Advising
  • A minimum of two (2) co-curricular shared learning experiences into the course curriculum, referred to as Campus Connections.
  • A minimum of one (1) opportunity for collaboration to support students via conference, office hours, or peer leader support.
  • Use of GPS textbook: Navigate
  • Introduction to SmartMove training and Convocation


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