Gateway Days

Gateway Days

What is Gateway Days?

Gateway Days is an immersive experience designed to provide first-year students at UCCS, with access to classes, resources, and activities at UCCS. All of this happens pre-term to the official start of the fall semester and assists first-year students with the transition to campus.

For Fall 2022, Gateway Days will be Thursday August 18th 2021 from 9AM-5PM and Friday August 19th from 9AM-5PM

Is Gateway Days Required?

Yes. Gateway Days is required for most GPS courses. The courses that do not have to attend Gateway Days include: Online courses (OL1, OL2, OL3), GPS 3010 Transitions, GPS 1020 Perspectives, and late start courses that begin in September. 

What should I bring?

This will be a few long days and you may be doing some physical activities so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring water, sunscreen, and any snacks/food if you have dietary restrictions or concerns. 

Don't forget to bring any classroom materials you might need too! Laptops, notebooks, pens, and all those other things you might need to be successful in the classroom! 

Find your Gateway Days Classroom (different than regular location!)

Gateway Days Schedule (Coming Soon For Fall 2022)
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