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What is Gateway Days? 

Gateway Days is an immersive experience designed to provide first-year students at UCCS with access to classes, resources, and activities at UCCS. It all happens before the start of the fall semester and helps first-year students with the transition to campus. 
For Fall 2024, Gateway Days dates will be Thursday, August 22nd from 9 AM-5 PM, and Friday, August 23rd from 9 AM-5 PM

Is Gateway Days mandatory? 

Yes, Gateway Days is a requirement for most GPS courses. All courses except the following participate in Gateway Days: online courses (OL1, OL2, OL3), GPS 3010 Transitions, GPS 1020 Perspectives, and courses that start late, such as Session B in October. Please check your course start date and time to see if your course will participate in Gateway Days.

Can I attend if my class is not participating in Gateway Days? 

Absolutely! If you are a student in any course not participating in Gateway Days, feel free to attend any of the larger events and activities planned for the day(s), such as on-campus recreational activities, West Lawn events, and the First-Year Frenzy job fair. Lunch will also be provided for any student on campus at this time. Check the calendar for time, event, and location information.

What should I bring? 

This will be a long few days and you may be doing some physical activities, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring water, sunscreen and any snacks/food if you have dietary restrictions or concerns. Don't forget to bring any classroom supplies you may need! Laptops, notebooks, pens, and all those other things you may need to be successful in your class!

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Gateway Days Information